Margot Borden

Integral Perspectives LLC, Mumbai, India

Margot Borden is founder and consultant at Integral Perspectives. Margot practices Psychotherapy, East-West Executive Coaching, Corporate Consulting, Public Speaking and teaches at Antioch University Midwest. She is currently based in Mumbai and works in Europe, USA and India. Through psychotherapy, coaching and her other work, Margot conveys an understanding of spirituality that is both practical and down to earth. It will open doors and invite us to a life of greater congruence, meaning and fulfillment for people, organizations and the planet.

Margot discovered yoga and Indian philosophy in her childhood and meditation a few years later. They form the foundation of her life and all of her professional activities. She completed her BA in International Business (American University of Paris) and her Masters in Humanistic Psychology (Durham, UK). Since 1991, Margot has travelled regularly to India deepening her knowledge of the spiritual traditions but also general culture, pop culture, economic development, psychology, Sanskrit and Hindi. In the West and India, she gives public lectures and workshops in companies, business schools and to the general public on her approach to psychology as well as on the topic of the book she co-authored and co-edited with Sharda Nandram: Spirituality and Business: Exploring Possibilities for a New Management Paradigm (Springer, 2010).