Steering Committee

Catholic University of Leuven

Luk Bouckaert is emeritus professor of ethics at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He is a philosopher and an economist by training. His research and publications fall within the fields of economic and business ethics and spirituality. In 1987 he founded with some colleagues the interdisciplinary Centre for Economics and Ethics at the University of Leuven. In 1999-2000 he started SPES as a studygroup for Spirituality in Economics and Society and in 2004 together with Laszlo Zsolnai the European SPES Forum which he chaired as president until 2014. He wrote several books in Dutch. Recent publications in English include: Spirituality as a public good (co-edited with L. Zsolnai, 2007), Frugality (co-edited with H.Opdebeeck and L. Zsolnai, 2008), Imagine Europe (co-edited with J.Eynikel, 2009), Respect and Economic Democracy (co-edited with Pasquale Arena, 2010) and The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Business (co-edited with L. Zsolnai, 2011).

ESADE Business School Barcelona

Josep M. Lozano was awarded a PhD in Philosophy by the University of Barcelona and a degree in Theology by the Theology Faculty of Catalonia. He also holds a degree in Executive Management from ESADE Business School, Barcelona. He is currently Full Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at ESADE and Senior Researcher in CSR at the Institute for Social Innovation. His academic and professional activity focuses on the fields of CSR, ethics, leadership, values and spirituality. Josep Lozano has published many articles on these issues and he is a frequent newspaper contributor.

Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen

Dr. Sharda S. Nandram, born in Suriname, Person of Indian Origin from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India and resident of the Netherlands as of 1985. Sharda is Associate Professor at Nyenrode Business University and founder of Praan Solutions for alternative economic practices. She has earned two bachelors and two masters (one in Psychology and the other in Economics (both at the University of Amsterdam). She has also earned her PhD in Social Sciences at the Vrije University at Amsterdam. Her topics of interests are: entrepreneurship, organizational innovation, spirituality in management and Indian leadership

University of Antwerp

Hendrik Opdebeeck is professor of Philosophy and Economics at the University of Antwerp where he is affiliated to the Centre of Ethics. He studied philosophy and economics at the universities of Leuven and Gent where he obtained a PhD with a dissertation on E.F. Schumacher (1911-1977) and the polyparadigmatic discourse in economics. His research interest is focused on the cultural-philosophical backgrounds and effects of globalisation with special attention to the role of spirituality and technology. 'As one of the co-founders of SPES, he is since 2004 chairman of the SPES Forum vzw

China-Europe International Business School, Shanghai

Mike Thompson is Visiting Professor of Responsible Leadership at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School, Shanghai). Since 2004, he has been on the steering committee of the European SPES Forum. Dr Thompson’s work has focused on spirituality and management: His books include Leadership, Spirituality and the Common Good (2009, Garant), Leading with Wisdom (2011, Garant), Business, Spirituality and the Common Good (2011, Russell Media), Wise Management in Organisational Complexity (2013, Palgrave Macmillan), and Suited Monk Leadership: Leading with Wisdom and Purpose in a Complex and Uncertain World (2014, WOW Books)

Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest
Portrait of László Zsolnai

Laszlo Zsolnai is professor and director of the Business Ethics Center at the Corvinus  University of Budapest. He is chairman of the Business Ethics Faculty Group of the CEMS − The Global Alliance in Management Education. He is fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts in London. He serves as editor of the "Frontier of Business Ethics" book series at Peter Lang Publishers in Oxford. He is co-editor of the Studies in TransAtlanic Business Ethics book series at Edward Elgar. With Luk Bouckaert he founded the European SPES Forum in Leuven, Belgium.