Spirituality in Business (in Spanish)

Carlos Hoevel and Laszlo Zsolnai edited a special issues on Spirituality in Business in Spanish for the journal „Revista Cultura & Económica” Vol 32, No. 88. The volume contains the following papers:

The Mission and Activities of the European SPES Institute

Luk Bouckaert (Leuven): Spiritual Discernment in Decision-Making

Hendrik Opdebeeck (Antwerp): Rediscovering the Personalist Philosophy of  Jacques Maritain

Laszlo Zsolnai (Budapest): Spiritually Driven Entrepreneurship

Henri-Claude de Bettignies (INSEAD): Can We Develop the Responsible Leaders We Need?

Mike Thompson (London and Shanghai): Managers’ Self-understanding of Wisdom

Carlos Hoevel and Laszlo Zsolnai
Catholic University of Argentina
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